FIRST Power Up

January 6-  The 2018 FRC Kickoff presented Quasics with the challenge of FIRST Power Up!  Power Cubes must be delivered to the Alliance Switch or the Scale, and can also be traded in for game-changing power ups!  Climb above the Bricks to face the boss during the last 30 seconds!


VEX Qualifier

December 15-  VEX teams 2656A and 2656B competed in the Sarah Heinz House qualifying tournament on Friday, December 15.  All of our competitors are in their first season of Quasics, and all were at their first event ever.  Our VEX teams had a very good tournament!  2656A finished 2-3-0, while 2656B finished 3-2-0.  2656B was drafted in the second round by the #8 Alliance, and were tournament Quarterfinalists!


Upcoming Events

Forest Hills VEX Qualifier(Feb 19)
FRC Bag Day (Feb 20)
FRC Greater PGH Regional (March 22-24)

Quasics thanks our 2017-2018 sponsors!  Your support is making a difference!

Bechtel Plant Machinery, Inc,  SERVPRO of Monroeville, B.C. Electric, Google Making & Science Team, Pat Catan's, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Bechtel National, PNC Bank, The Sherba Family, Gia Visto, and The MERS Group