Quasics launched a new initiative to share our passion for robotics and STEM education with our local Girl Scouts Troops in May 2018.  We are doing both demonstrations and workshops for the new STEM badges!

If you would like Quasics to bring our robots to your Girl Scouts Troop, please send an email to:  contact at quasics.org

Our completed and scheduled Troop visits are below!

Scouts inspired: 179
Badges earned: 118 (10 unique)

Troop 52296  (May 15)

Junior, 11 Scouts

Troop 46590  (May 24)

Daisy, 6 Scouts

Troop 52635  (May 25)

Brownie, 13 Scouts

Girl Scouts - Full STEAM Ahead  (July 23-24)

Daisy, 9 Scouts [earned Board Game Challenge, Roller Coaster, and Model Car badges]
Brownie, 45 Scouts [earned Fling Flyer badge]

STEM badge workshop  (October 1)

Daisy, 5 Scouts [earned What Robots Do badge]
Brownie, 1 Scout [earned Fling Flyer badge]
Junior, 7 Scouts [earned Balloon Car badge]

Troop 46710  (October 2)

Daisy, Brownie, Junior ~20 Scouts

Troop 26185  (October 7)

Junior, 14 Scouts [earned Designing Robots badge]

Troop 52281  (October 29)

Cadette, 11 Scouts

Troop 52232  (November 11)

Junior, 16 Scouts [earned Designing Robots badge]

Troop 52301  (January 2)

Daisy, 6 Scouts [earned Designing Robots badge]
Brownie, 7 Scouts [earned Designing Robots badge]
Cadette, 8 Scouts [earned Designing Robots badge]