FRC 2656

Nike was our 10th FRC machine, built to compete in Steamworks.  Nike was designed to accept Gears from the window and score them as well as clim the Airship Rope.  Nike competed at the Greater Pittsburgh Regional in March of 2017, as well as MVRC and the first-ever Steel City Showdown!  Nike was driven by Zachary and Jasdeep, with Coach Meg serving as Drive Coach.
Dante was our 9th FRC machine, built to compete in Stronghold.  Dante was designed to cross the Groups B and D Defenses, pass under the Low Bar and score Boulders in the Low Goal.  Dante finished 5-5-0 at the 2016 Greater Pittsburgh Regional.  Quasics was the #7 Alliance Captain at WVROX 2016 and the first draft pick of the #4 Alliance at MVRC in September of 2016.  Dante was driven by Zachary and Jasdeep.
Quasics constructed Grace for our 8th FRC season to compete in Recycle Rush.  Grace is named after Grace Hopper!  Grace could collect totes from the landfill area and make small stacks.  Grace competed in our first-ever Off-Season event in September of 2015 at the Mahoning Valley Robotics Challenge!  Grace was driven by Meg and Desmond.
Heisenberg was our 7th FRC machine, designed to compete in Aerial Assist.  The forks proved exceptionally useful for trackball transport in Autonomous.  In fact, Heisenberg scored in 7 of 9 Autonomous attempts!  Heisenberg was driven by Desmond and Meg.
The Monolith was our 6th FRC machine, designed to compete in Ultimate Ascent.  The Monolith could shoot frisbees into both the 2-pt and 3-pt goals.  A video of the frisbee shooter at the practice field can be found on our YouTube page!  The Monolith was driven by Desmond and Meg.
Sir Swish-A-Lot was our 5th FRC machine, designed to compete in Rebound Rumble.  The good Sir could intake basketballs from the floor to shoot them.  He could also deploy a wheeled arm to tip the bridges and mount them for balancing points.  Many videos from the 2012 Pittsburgh Regional can be found on our YouTube page.  Sir Swish-A-Lot was driven by Jeff and Spencer.
Updates to this page will include the remainder of our FRC machines, dating back to our 2008 rookie season.  Check back soon!