Thank you for visiting our Sponsorship page!  Below you will find the latest copy of our Sponsor Packet.  Quasics thanks all of our sponsors, past and present, for their support.  Without them, we would not be competing and impacting the lives of our local high school students today!

Quasics Sponsor Packet 2017-2018

Any funding or sponsorship related questions can be sent to  funding @ quasics.org
We look forward to hearing from you!

Quasics thanks our 2017-2018 sponsors!  Your support is making a difference!

Bechtel Plant Machinery, Inc,  SERVPRO of Monroeville, B.C. Electric, Google Making & Science Team, Pat Catan's, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Bechtel National, PNC Bank, The Sherba Family, Gia Visto, and The MERS Group